S2:E15 Elder Sheree Evans Answered the Call

Welcome to Season 2 of Success in Christ! Elder Sheree Evans answered the Call to preach and has been on the move for the Lord every since! She is a mother, a preacher, teacher and friend to so many! Listen to my interview with this powerful woman of God as she shares her testimony, trials and how she overcame. Her advice is simple “A Call to Preach is a Call to Study!”

Episode #14 Tabitha Brown is On Her Way!

Tabitha Brown is on her way and no devil in hell can stop her! While living her dream she never ceases to give God the Glory for all He has done for her. At one point she even began to plan her own funeral, but the Holy Spirit reminded her of who she is and most importantly Who’s she is. Listen to the talented woman of God as she shares her testimony of never giving on a dream!

Episode #13 Talking Cooking with Aisha Williams

Aisha is the newest online cooking sensation with a love for Christ! Check out my interview with this beautiful woman of God who is not afraid to show the world her passion for Christ AND cooking. Out of obedience to God Aisha stepped out of her comfort zone and obeyed God… Now she’s on the move and no devil in hell can stop her. Her testimony will bless you and encourage you!


Episode #12 “Hell is Real!” My Talk w/ Dr. Mary K. Baxter

Dr. Mary K. Baxter, author of “A Divine Revelation of Hell” tells her testimony of being lead through hell by our Savior. Listen as Dr. Baxter explains to us in detail her experiences and why you should give your life to Christ. Are you living for Him? If not, give your life to Him today. Heaven is real, Hell is real and God is Oh So Real and He love us with an everlasting love!


Episode #11 Tiffany Simone Anointed and Appointed

Tiffany is just real, she is transparent and not afraid to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! This is an anointed interview with an anointed woman of God who loves with a big heart and shares her love for Christ with the world on her popular YouTube channel Grace and Mercy Unto You. Listen as Tiffany shares her testimony of how God saved her soul when she finally gave Him a TRUE YES!


Episode #10 Rachel Burnside Can’t Be Stopped!

Rachel Burnside is the founder of Her Story Lives, a ministry dedicated to empowering and educating women of today, by celebrating women in the Bible. Due to her own life experiences with physical and mental abuse in relationships, depression and pain the organization has also established itself as a strong advocate in the community for anti abuse programs. In this interview, Rachel shares her story of abuse, pain and the birthing of Her Story Lives.

Listen Here:

Episode #9 My talk w/ A Real Woman of God Markita D. Collins

Markita D. Collins talks with me about her childhood, being bullied as a child and as an adult. She shares with us her experiences of comparing herself to others in ministry and how God brought her out and gave her a Holy Boldness that has helped shape and cultivate the powerful woman of God that she is today. You won’t want to miss what she has to share. You can purchase her new book “I’m Still Old Fashioned!” on Amazon!

Listen to my interview with Markita D. Collins here:

Episode #8 My Talk w/ Actor Benjamin Onyango

Benjamin Onyango, actor, writer, director and producer sits down and talks with me about the start of his acting career; the good and the bad. Mr. Onyango is well known for his role as Reverend Jude in the God’s Not Dead films, Colonel Emanuel Okeze in Tears of the Sun and most recently William Mwizerwa in Beautifully Broken in theaters August 24, 2018.

Listen to my interview with Mr. Onyango here:




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