Episode #4 Because of Obedience this Faithful Chic is Going Places!

Today’s Episode is AMAZING! Crystal Perkins owner and CEO of Faithful Chics Boutique is here to talk with us and encourage us to follow the calling of God on our lives. She will share with us how she left her job immediately to begin her now successful boutique Faithful Chics! From humble beginnings to now having her own brick and mortar store in Little Rock, Arkansas. Crystal is moving in ways she never even dreamed and it’s all because she obeyed God! The sky is the limit for this Faithful Chic! Listen now as she shares her testimony!

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You can purchase your own Faithful Chics T-Shirt at http://www.faithfulchicsboutique.com

Episode #3 Los Angeles…. I’m Outta Here!

Shamelle Reveter Founder and Executive Director for Destiny’s Talent Institute of the Arts is joining the show today to share with you her story of faith. Shamelle left Los Angeles, California to move to Arkansas to fulfill her destiny. Now she has a flourishing business and has never been happier doing what she loves.

Episode #1 “What To Do When God Says No”

What do you do when God says NO? Listen to Ted Talks speaker Robert Butler as he shares with us his testimony of how God told him “No, give it all up to serve me. ” Did Robert obey? Listen and find out!

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