1st Success in Christ Blog Post

Hello and Welcome!!

I am so excited about my new and first podcast Success in Christ; and even more excited that you have decided to join me! This podcast is all about encouraging you to step out in faith and fulfill whatever it is God has planned for you!

Over the years I have been asked by so many people the same questions; “How did you get started with your nonprofit?”, “How can I work everyday doing what I love to do?” and/ or statements like “I’m so afraid to start my own business!” Is this you? Are you questioning your ability to do what you love to do everyday? Are you unsure of yourself? This is where we come in! Success in Christ will bring you stories of individuals just like you who stepped out and fulfilled their God given destiny!

We want to encourage you to believe God at his word! That He has given you the ability to obtain wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18). He has given you gifts and talents and wisdom (if you so desire it) to be wealthy; and we are going to help push you there!

The first episode titled “What to do when God say’s No?” will launch March 6th!

Listen now to my introductory podcast.

We want to hear from you!

Email us at info@successinchrist.net

Follow us on FaceBook at:

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