FREE Stuff for Non Profits

Starting a nonprofit organization can be challenging, especially the financial aspect of it. When I began my after school performing arts program three years ago, I was in search for anything that would help us out financially. Over the years I have compiled a list of organizations out there that were created specifically for non profits like mine.

Success in Christ is all about helping you and giving you the resources to help you start your business, and be successful. Below are a few of the companies I used when I first began Bearden Productions Performing Arts Studio. I still use a few of these today. I hope this helps you!

Click name to go to website:

TechSoup (Computers, software, internet & phone providers, and more) –  TechSoup was founded to help changemakers do what they do more efficiently in terms of technology. They offer extremely discounted rates on computer software such as (Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, Adobe, Intuit and so much more! They also have refurbished computers, phones and other office technology at amazing prices.

Good 360 (Computers, books, toys, clothing, personal care products, home improvement materials and more) – Good 360 is committed to helping communities by distributing corporate product donations to qualified non-profit organizations.

Interconnection (Computers, laptops, internet service, monitors) – We purchased our very first computer from Interconnection for only $160 and it works great. It is the mission of Interconnection to provided nonprofit organizations with affordable technology so that we can continue to make a change in our community.

DeliverGood (Office furniture, electronics, office supplies, and appliances) – This organization connects nonprofits with organizations that have stuff to give away. Currently there are only select cities on their website offering giveaways; if your city is not available simply request your city be added to their list.

Network For Good (Workshops and seminars for nonprofits) – Network for good provides an array of programs and services for nonprofit organization to help with fundraising efforts, leadership and much more!

Catchafire – Need a professional to help you with marketing, organizational strategy, fundraising, annual reporting etc.? Catchafire offers a host of individuals willing to donate their expertise to help you with your needs.

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